The following policy is intended as a guideline to all users of the Village Hall and should be used in conjunction with the policies in operation.  All incidents, whether major or minor, must be reported so that the Charlton Marshall Village Hall management committee can ensure that all users can use the Village Hall safely.  Behavioural incidents between children (or adults) are not regarded as reportable incidents and should be dealt with under separate policies in being with the user group or organiser of an event.


The Accident Book is kept in the kitchen and must be used to record any accident or incident (eg slips, trips or falls) which occurs in the Village Hall, including damage to Village Hall property.  After completion of the Accident Book, the accident or incident must be reported to the Booking Secretary or a management committee member as soon as possible.


If needed, a First Aid Box is kept in the main kitchen and in the Meeting Room and usage of this should also be notified so that replacements can be arranged.

  • If the emergency services are required, follow the correct procedure by ringing 999 and notifying the ambulance, fire or police service as required and giving the address and post code of the hall: CHARLTON MARSHALL VILLAGE HALL, GREEN CLOSE, CHARLTON MARSHALL, DT11 9PF.
  • Please note there is no public telephone in the Village Hall or in the village and it is strongly advised that all user group leaders or organisers of an event carry a mobile phone.
  • In the case of fire, follow the Evacuation Procedure and vacate the Village Hall as quickly and safely as possible.

The Village Hall’s insurance policy is displayed on the notice board in the entrance hall, but each user group or organiser of an event must insure its own equipment and activities.

It is important that all user group leaders and organisers of events in the Village Hall appraise themselves of the Village Hall’s Health & Safety Policy, Evacuation Procedure and Safeguarding Policy.

Issued: August 2019

Reviewed: June 2022